Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

“While some IT departments will say they are a ‘Windows shop’, and Apple does not support the enterprise. Organizations need to recognize that there are soft benefits in a device of this type in the quest to improve recruitment and retention. Technology is not always about productivity.”

    Gartner Fellow Stephen Prentice discussing why enterprises should evaluate and support Apple’s iPad. (Gartner)

Holographic telepresence means we can record a three-dimensional image in one location and show it in another location, in real-time, anywhere in the world.”

    Nasser Peyghambarian, the University of Arizona optical sciences professor who heads a team that’s developed a new type of holographic, 3-D “telepresence” without the need for special eyeware. (UA News).

“I know you can’t write defect-free code, but you can sure as hell try.”

“Without a whole of apps, it’s an uninteresting platform. Developers are focused mainly on Apple’s iOS and Android and there’s still a huge base of Windows systems drawing their attention. Where does a platform that isn’t any of those justify developer’s attention?”

    Insight64 analyst Nathan Brookwood discussing Google’s planned release of Chrome-powered notebooks later this year. (Enterprise Mobile Today)

“The utility of the classic firewall is becoming increasingly limited as time marches on. Just because you block the entire Internet except for port 80 — these days it means you’re not blocking anything, since everything is tunneled over HTTP. HTTP is the new TCP.”

    Sourcefire CTO and creator of the open source Snort IPS, Martin Roesch talking about new firewall technology. (eSecurity Planet)

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