Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

“[H]owever it happened, it’s left egg on his face just when Facebook wants to reassure users that it takes security and privacy seriously. Maybe Mr. Zuckerberg would be wise to get a refresher on computer security best practice.”

    Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at security software vendor Sophos, reacting to the news that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s page on the popular social networking site had been hacked. (eSecurity Planet)

“[I]magine Xbox for enterprise versions of online meeting applications. Imagine using voice-recognition to automatically create a transcript of meetings, which you can then e-mail to all participants. Imagine a video-conferencing system that zoomed in on each speaker automatically.”

    Columnist Mike Elgan, suggesting that Microsoft would be wise to extend the consumer-friendly features of its XBox gaming system and its gesture-based Kinect user interface to create a new set of products for the enterprise. (Datamation)

“I think we have some real breakthrough ideas about changing the game in terms of malware. We’re going to see a quantum jump in the ability of future devices, be them PCs or phones or tablets or smart TVs, to defend themselves against attacks.”

    Intel CTO Justin Rattner, revealing that scientists at Intel are working on security technology that will stop all zero-day attacks. Rattner said he hopes the technology will be released this year. (Computerworld)

“This guy in the movie, he’s a morally reprehensible human being.”

    Sean Parker, founding president of Facebook, commenting on how he was portrayed by Justin Timberlake in the movie “The Social Network.” Parker, who also founded the controversial music-sharing site Napster, called the movie “a gorgeous film” and “a complete work of fiction.” (PC, with a YouTube link to the complete interview)

“Nationwide, we have over 300,000 people dying from cardiac arrest every year. This app will help put rescuers where they are and get automatic electronic defibrillators off the wall.”

    Richard Price, fire chief at California’s San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, commenting on a new iPhone app designed to dispatch trained citizens to help others in cardiac emergencies. (O’Reilly Radar)

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