Security Key Focus in Red Hat’s Latest Release

While much of the focus of the launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 centered around performance and scalability, security is a major priority in the new release.

The new push toward security comes as Red Hat increasingly courts the government contracting business, where security standards are rigorous. Among the new security features that Red Hat has included in its latest release is an API to secure virtualization deployments, and the company is working toward Common Criteria Certification for RHEL 6. Linux Planet reports on Red Hat’s latest efforts to drive security in its enterprise Linux product.

During Red Hat’s official launch event for their new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6) release, executives from the company focused heavily on new performance gains. While performance and scalability are key elements of RHEL 6, so too is security.

With RHEL 6, Red Hat is debuting a number of new features into its enterprise Linux, including new virtual security services as well as the System Security Services Daemon. Security services aren’t the only area of RHEL 6 built for security, as all RHEL 6 packages now benefit from a new 4096-bit RSA hardware signing key as well.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Aims For Government-Ready Security

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