Startups Challenge Big IT Players

Innovation comes from many sources. At this week’s DEMO conference, a number of innovative startup companies showed off products and services that may prove to be worthwhile alternatives to the vastly more established offerings they hope to displace.

While the DEMO conference has had its share of misses over the years, it’s also been the site of many notable debuts, including Palm and VMware. Time will tell if this year’s event produces any major winners.

Datamation reports on two startups that took the DEMO stage to unveil their latest security and email products. The CEO of emClient made no bones about wanting to take on Microsoft’s Outlook. emClient aims to solve the “love/hate relationship users have had with Outlook for nearly twenty years,” said CEO Jerry Javornicky.

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. — Intel recently paid $7.7 billion to buy McAfee and this week HP paid $1.5 billion for another security firm, Arcsight, but will startup Federated Networks out of Toronto be the first to provide “virtually unhackable application security?”

That’s the bold claim of startup Federated Networks. CEO David Lowenstein unveiled the company’s software at the DEMO conference, a showcase for new technology and startups.

“The reality is a lot of security doesn’t work and we have an opportunity to revolutionize what can be done,” Lowenstein later told

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At DEMO, Startups Ready to Take on the Big IT Players

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