Survey: 1 in 3 Customers Fear Online Banking

Phishers and malware authors for years have preyed on unsuspecting victims who accidentally disclosed vital personal information and banking account data, losing millions of dollars to thieves each year.

As eSecurity Planet reports, a new survey by security software vendor Avira found that nearly one in three customers won’t even log on to a bank or financial institution’s website because they’re so worried the information will stolen or accidentally exposed.

Another 48.5 percent said they do some online banking but still are “concerned” about the increase of Internet crime, leaving only 20.5 percent who say they take advantage of the conveniences afforded by online banking.

Online banking is convenient and saves consumers and financial institutions time and money, but a new study from security software vendor Avira makes it clear that, despite these benefits, most people are too concerned about being ripped off to give it a shot.

Thirty-one percent of the 3,127 respondents said they never do their banking online because of security concerns and instead go a physical bank branch to conduct their transactions.

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Online Banking Security a Concern for Most: Survey

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