Survey: IT Unprepared for Layoffs, Mergers

Software’s Sublimation by Alex Goldman (bio)

Data’s diffusion throughout business and into the cloud

A new Market Pulse survey released this morning by Austin-Tex.-based SailPoint, an enterprise identity management software provider, said that only 14 percent of the survey’s 125 respondents felt they had adequate user controls in place.

The survey tracked IT directors at large enterprises. Companies surveyed had an average of 30,000 employees.

User controls matter now. “There’s churn in the economy,” said Jackie Gilbert, SailPoint vice president of marketing and co-founder. Every industry is undergoing layoffs and some are also affected by mergers.”

Tracking permissions is not a trivial task. “Information lives in dozens or even hundreds of applications and databases,” she said. “The alternative to a centralized identity management solution is to turn off access silo by silo…”

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