Symantec: China Is Tops in Targeted Malware

Symantec’s MessageLabs Intelligence Report discovered that while most unsolicited and malware-tainted e-mail is delivered through e-mail servers based in the U.S., the largest percentage of these missives are actually sent from hackers based in China.

In March, security researchers also found that Chinese cyber crooksexpended a lot of time and energy targeting specific targets at American companies and government agencies.

This report comes on the heels of several high-profile cyber attacks perpetrated against American tech giants such as Google and Intel as well as government agencies responsible for providing national security and protecting sensitive personal information.

eSecurity Planet examines what the latest spam stats mean for enterprises and details some of the latest techniques hackers are using to infiltrate data networks.

It took some digging, but security software vendor Symantec now says that majority of targeted malware distributed this month originated in China even though most of the e-mail servers used to facilitate the scams were physically located in the U.S.

The report is just the latest damning evidence placing China at the epicenter of the worldwide surge in cyber attacks that have targeted U.S.-based companies and government agencies in the past three years.

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China Top Source of Targeted Malware

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