Symantec’s Latest: Customized Threat Protection

Symantec today announced a custom threat analysis and protection service through its Global Services Security Response unit. The program, called Managed Threat Analysis, is designed to help companies facing more targeted attacks from criminals looking to steal intellectual property.

In the past year, there has been a rise in targeted attacks at corporations, particularly C-level executives. More and more Symantec customers found generic security measures didn’t help with targeted attacks.

“We’ve been asked to do these ‘please help us’-type of requests, and it got to the point where we are getting so many requests specific to their environment we needed to formalize an offering because it’s becoming more and more pervasive,” Mike Mulville, senior director for product management of managed services at Symantec told

The Managed Threat Analysis will conduct an in-depth analysis of a company’s infrastructure and security services and will provide specific remediation strategies and tools. The solutions could range from just new security scripts to new security products and services.

“A lot of times, they don’t know what’s going on, they just have hints that something is not right,” said Mulville. “We’ll take code sets or log files and we’ll come back with a formal report for them to either take certain steps or gather more information.”

Symantec’s MTA service will also help enterprises, such as financial institutions or government agencies, comply with regulatory requirements regarding mandatory notification if data security has been compromised.

It would seem that Symantec already offers some of these features to customers, but Mulville said these will be more customized for each customer and less off-the-rack. “It differs in the fact that it’s a service focused on detailed malware analysis at a specific environment by a specific attack,” he said. “We will offer more detailed protection when a customer gets into a problem that they don’t have expertise in handling.”

In addition to technology, best practices are part of the solution for behavior, policy and functionality. Training and policies are available to handle what is often the weakest of links, the people, who are suckered by phishing  attacks and other forms of social engineering.

Symantec’s Managed Threat Analysis service is available now.

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