Tripwire Enterprise 8.0 Automates Compliance

Identifying compliance problems is a huge issue for enterprises, particularly those in regulated industries, but also as a way for any company to adhere to internal policies and procedures.

As eSecurity Planet reports, Tripwire has enhanced its compliance offering, which already monitors for compliance issues, by adding the ability to automate repairs and ensure compliance with policies. The Enterprise 8.0 release is designed to correct deviations it finds based on dozens of policies, including PCI, SOX, NERC and FISMA.

Tripwire already helps enterprise IT administrators monitor file integrity and check policy compliance. Now the firm said the latest version of its security software has significantly enhanced its compliance solution with Remediation Manager, a new capability that automatically repairs configuration errors.

While Tripwire Enterprise 8.0’s Compliance Policy Manager component already monitors file integrity and compliance with policies, the new release goes a step further in repairing the errors.

Read the full story at eSecurity Planet:

Tripwire Enhances Compliance With Remediation Manager

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