U.S. Snags Dubious Honor of Spam Leader

There are some honors you don’t want to be recognized for. Leading the world in the distribution of spam is one of them.

But that’s where the United States finds itself, according to a new report from software-security vendor Sophos. The firm ranked the U.S. at the top of its “Dirty Dozen” list, attributing the nation with 15.2 percent of the global volume of spam. But several European countries are doing their best to catch up. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

The U.S. once again topped the list of spam-relaying countries in the second quarter, according to security software vendor Sophos’ latest “Dirty Dozen” report. But European countries including the UK, France and Germany are doing their fair share of inbox polluting, too.

Between April and June, U.S. spam output accounted for 15.2 percent of the world’s unwanted emails, more than double the output of second-place India at 7.7 percent. Rounding out the top five were Brazil (5.5 percent), the UK (4.6 percent and up dramatically from ninth place in the first quarter) and South Korea (4.2 percent).

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U.S. Tops in Spam Relaying; UK Gains Ground

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