Update Hack Backfires on Windows Phone

Sometimes, it’s just better to wait.

Windows Phone 7 users that used a hack to update their phone may have ended up locking themselves out of all future update. Microsoft said that many, if not all, of those phones can no longer be used to get future updates — which may result in the devices needing to be returned to their manufacturers to be fixed or replaced.

The unofficially updated phones cannot accept any new official updates from Microsoft, meaning they can no longer be updated past update 7390. Therefore, a new update numbered 7392 that’s beginning to be sent out this week cannot be installed. Neither can any additional updates coming down the pike.

“Despite the fact that many people have claimed that an unofficial update mechanism worked fine for them, we cautioned that phones which were updated via this method were not going to be able to update past build 7390,” Brandon Watson, a senior director for WP7, said in a post to the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

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Windows Phone Users Hung by Update Hack

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