VeriSign Debuts Online Seal of Buying Safety

Seals of approval have always been valued by merchants as a way to put customers at ease or get them to make a purchase they might otherwise skip. So VeriSign is taking a page from that book with its own special seal, one that says an online site is safe. eSecurity Planet has a look.

How do you know that the site you’re visiting isn’t infected with malware? VeriSign is trying to make the answer easier for users to know with the introduction of its new VeriSign Trust Seal.

As part of the Trust Seal service, VeriSign will scan a Web site to ensure that it is free from malware and then enable the site’s operator to display the Trust Seal as a trust mark for users.

The effort complements VeriSign’s existing Secured trust mark, which is geared for e-commerce sites. However, the new Trust Seal is not attached to an SSL certificate and does not provide data encryption, so it’s not appropriate for transactional sites — nor will VeriSign grant such sites a Trust Seal, it said.

Why the separate trust mark? VeriSign said that non-transactional sites have needed a means of their own to indicate that they’re safe.

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VeriSign Debuts New Online Trust Seal

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