VeriSign to Add Malware Scanning to SSL

For years SSL security certificates have helped secure websites, but the leading provider of SSL certificates, VeriSign, plans to enhance that security with more features.

As CIO Update reports, VeriSign plans to add new malware scanning capabilities as a value-added service to help determine if a website is at risk. Ironically, the new scanning service comes as VeriSign is in process of selling off its SSL business to security software provider Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC).

SSL security certificates, a widely deployed method of helping to encrypt and secure online data, by themselves aren’t enough to ensure that a website or service is actually secured, according to VeriSign, the leader in the SSL market.

Going forward, VeriSign’s (NASDAQ:VRSN) SSL certificates will now include an online malware scanning service that will help to determine if a website is at risk from security vulnerabilities.

Read the full story at CIO Update:

VeriSign: SSL Is More Than Just a Certificate

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