Verizon, Secret Service Tackle Cybercrime

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report will now include statistics, prosecution tips and advisories culled from the U.S. Secret Service department’s computer crimes investigations, company officials said this week.

Company officials said the inclusion of the Secret Service data will help enterprise clients extradite and prosecute cyber thieves based overseas and identify emerging trends and techniques used to execute large-scale data breaches.

The combined data will be stored and shared in Verizon’s Incident Sharing (VERIS) framework and promises “hundreds” of case studies from the Secret Service’s own investigations and prosecutions.

eSecurity Planet details this new public/private sector partnership designed to protect consumer and corporate data from hackers.

Verizon this week announced that it will join forces with the U.S. Secret Service on this year’s Data Breach Investigations Report to give consumers a better idea of how and why cybercriminals are infiltrating their personal data and what they can do to better protect themselves.

The 2010 DBIR will include aggregated findings from Verizon’s (NYSE: VZ) own caseload as well as hundreds of complex computer crime cases investigated by the Secret Service in the past year.

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Verizon, Secret Service Team Up on Breach Reports

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