VIDEO: Bromium Takes on the Challenge of Byzantine Fault Tolerance

In 2007, XenSource was leading the commercial push for the open source Xen Hypervisor. XenSource was acquired by Citrix for $500 million that year, bringing in some of the leaders of the Xen community, including Simon Crosby who served as the CTO of XenSource. In 2011, Crosby left Citrix to start something new -– a company called Bromium.

Bromium is led by Crosby along with Xen co-founder Ian Pratt and Gaurav Banga, formerly the CTO and senior vice president of engineering at computer BIOS maker Phoenix Technologies. Bromium to date has raised $9.2 million in venture funding. The company has remained for the most part in stealth mode — but in an interview with, Crosby talked about the big problems that Bromium is aiming to solve, and why he thinks it holds the potential to change IT.


“It is a challenging problem in computer science. We’re trying to build trustworthy computing infrastructure,” Crosby said.

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