Weekly Tally of Malicious Sites Grows to 57,000

The Web can be a dangerous place, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any safer anytime soon. Quite the opposite, according to researchers at Panda Security.

In a new study tracking the activities of malware purveyors, Panda concluded that no fewer than 57,000 new malicious websites are created each week. Of those, more than half are knock-offs mimicking three prominent companies: eBay, Western Union and Visa. eSecurity Planet takes a look at the alarming report.

Malware syndicates are constructing 57,000-plus new malicious websites each week to rip off Internet users and spread even more malicious code, according to a new study conducted by security software vendor Panda Security.

eBay, Western Union and Visa are the three most-targeted companies, accounting for more than half of all the bogus websites created during the three-month investigation.

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Malicious Website Tally Grows to 57,000 Per Week: Report

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