Abbott Systems Offers Instant Messaging for Business

While the titans of the computer industry are fighting to see who can give
away the most instant messaging products for free, a small software developer
is actually selling instant messaging software.

Abbott Systems said it is banking on the
idea that instant messaging has real business applications and that
businesses will need, and pay for, a new generation of private messaging.

“AbbottChat is not public chat, it is designed for private communications
between family, friends and business associates,” the company’s Web site
says. “It does not support public chat rooms, and you can’t use AbbottChat to
meet new people. For this kind of chat we recommend you try ICQ or AOL.”

Individuals can purchase an “ad-free” chat client for $29.

Companies can purchase a chat server for $495 which allows them to set up
their own private instant messaging network and includes an unlimited number
of chat clients for all their users.

The server is available now, and the “ad-free” chat client is scheduled to
ship in the first week of September.

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