, Audible Seal Alliance

Online retailer Wednesday
added more than 22,000 hours of spoken audio content to its
product mix through a new alliance with Audible

The audio downloads section of Amazon offers access to more than 4,700 audiobooks as well as an
extensive selection of comedy, newspapers, magazines, classic literature and
business information.

Historic and contemporary speeches, academic lectures, language lessons,
motivational programs and subscriptions to public
radio programs are also offered.

Spoken audio programming can be purchased online, then downloaded or
streamed for playback on a PC or on any Audible-compatible portable digital audio
player. The costs for purchasing
the audio content varies by item.

The alliance brings the greatest authors and titles in the world of
spoken audio entertainment and information to’s audience,
according to Donald Katz, founder and
chairman of Audible Inc. .

“Beyond immediate access
to our content via streaming or downloading, customers will have the
flexibility to listen at their PCs
or take the audio programs away to enjoy in the car or while exercising,” he

News and information titles now offered include daily
selected audio content from The Wall Street Journal, and daily audio
digests of The New York Times, San Jose Mercury News
and Los Angeles Times.

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