Amazon Tops in Online Ad Spending

E-commerce mainstay has occupied the top overall
online advertiser spot for eight of the past nine weeks, leading the retail
segment, says a new industry research report.

In fact, the report from ad measurement firm AdRelevance says has
run holiday-themed ads totaling over half-a-billion impressions each week
since October.

Apparently the strategy is paying off. Amazon said today that its Holiday
Delight-O-Meter has surpassed 25 million units, with 11 days still remaining
in the holiday shopping season. Found on the Welcome page and
updated continuously, the Delight-O-Meter counts the number of units ordered
from sites worldwide starting Nov. 2.

Aiming to capitalize on the brand recognition it has built this year, Amazon
is focusing holiday online ad efforts on direct marketing appeal, with 70
percent of the retailer’s top 10 online ads touting free shipping,
AdRelevance said, adding that the company bought
4 million impressions per direct marketing ad versus 750,000 impressions per
branding ad.

Amazon is now the No. 1 advertiser on four of the top five sites it
advertises on: MSN,, Netscape and Juno. For the week ending Nov. 27,

“AdRelevance data suggest that a growing list of enterprising companies is
mastering the (online ad) medium in stealth mode,” said Charles Buchwalter,
vice president of media research for AdRelevance.

“With each passing week, it appears that Amazon is distancing itself from the
pack by operating on all cylinders and employing a unique two-tiered branding
and direct-marketing online advertising strategy,” he said. “If their recent
online ad campaigns pay off, Amazon will be well on its way to achieving
single-company e-tail dominance — and their current strategies will serve as
the standard for how to win big in the online world.”

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