AMD Previews ‘Fusion’ CPU/GPU Hybrid

AMD has had a combined CPU and GPU processor on its product map at least since the acquisition of ATI Technologies in 2006, but in the time since, “Fusion” has been more talk than substance.

But that looks to soon change as AMD is nearing completion of the hybrid chip, which it previewed at the Computex hardware trade show in Taiwan. AMD is likely to bring the Fusion chip to market in the first half of 2011, Hardware Central reports.

AMD has been talking aboutFusion,” its plan to offer a combined CPU and GPU processor on a single piece of silicon, since it acquired ATI Technologies in 2006. Four years later, the company finally has something to show.

True, AMD (NYSE: AMD) has been a little sidetracked in recent years. The Barcelona debacle, massive quarterly losses, a change in leadership and an antitrust fight with Intel were at best major distractions. But now, with all those problems behind AMD, Fusion looks to be on track for launch in the first half of 2011, right in the timeframe AMD has promised.

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AMD Gives a Sneak Peek of ‘Fusion’ at Computex

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