Anacom Rolls Out Fraud Screening Tools

The recent growth in the number of online purchases has brought with it the fear of online credit card fraud.

In an effort to ease the minds of both consumers and businesses, Anacom Communications Inc. announced today the availability of its Internet Fraud Screening (IFS) program, a service designed for merchants conducting business on the Internet who are concerned about the potential for fraudulent credit card orders.

IFS is intended to reduce the number of potentially fraudulent orders and chargebacks experienced by those selling on the Net. It automatically
applies a number of basic filters, the company said, such as card number
verification, field integrity checking, address verification and a
proprietary duplicate transaction avoidance system.

Additionally, the program is designed to allow merchants to customize the filters to fit individual Web sites.

IFS is available to all Anacom customers and the customers of all
hosting companies, shopping cart vendors and ISPs who utilize Anacom
as their transaction processing engine, the company said. Pricing was
not disclosed.

Anacom is a provider of low cost order processing and real-time payment
solutions for merchants, shopping cart vendors, hosting companies and ISPs
conducting e-commerce on the Internet.

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