Andromedia, BroadVision Will Integrate Products

Andromedia Inc., a supplier of e-
marketing software for e-commerce, and BroadVision Inc., a provider of one-to-
one relationship management applications, entered into a strategic alliance.

The companies said the agreement will enable them to provide e-commerce
merchants with “high value” data analysis and reporting, allowing them to more
effectively manage their online businesses.

San Francisco-based Andromedia and Redwood City, CA-based BroadVision
collaborated to develop monitoring technology that determines how customers
are actually interacting with an e-commerce application, not just the Web

“This deeper integration yields marketers the highest value data analysis and
reporting available, and provides the most comprehensive view of customer
behavior and the most complete picture of the site, the firms said.

The companies will integrate Andromedia’s newly introduced ARIA eCommerce 3.0
with BroadVision’s One-To-One Internet applications. The integration was
requested by joint Andromedia and BroadVision customers who needed to analyze
customer shopping behavior in realtime by tracking, recording, and reporting
on critical e-commerce events such as products viewed, shopping cart inserts
and deletes, purchases, and conversion rates, the companies said.

With ARIA eCommerce, marketers have access to a variety of new reports,
including Campaign Conversion Reports, Up-sell Conversion Reports, Product
Conversion Reports, Shopping Activity Reports Next-Click Shopping Behavior
Reports, Visitor Reports and Traffic Reports.

BroadVision One-To-One Internet applications are designed for rapid
development and real-time operation of large-scale, personalized Internet,
intranet and extranet
business applications. They support large user and content databases, high
transaction volumes, intelligent agent matching, and integrate with existing
business systems.

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