AOL To Air Streisand’s Final Show

Though many thought the Democrats heard Bab’s last shot during the Demo Convention, it turns out her latest final volley will literally be a shot heard round the world.

That’s because America Online is joining forces with music legend Barbra Streisand for an historic online event this Thursday, September 28. Only 12,500 people will have the opportunity to see Streisand’s final concert live at Madison Square Garden in New York City, but through the power of the Internet, millions of fans around this world’s global village will have access to the last five minutes of this superstar’s farewell performance (at approximately 10:15 PM/ET) and other special online content. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Available on AOL and AOL Plus (AOL Keyword: Barbra Streisand), members will be able to participate in the star-studded evening from the comfort of their computers and witness an historic moment with one of the greatest voices of all time. AOL’s Barbra Streisand area will be available for 30 days, allowing members to relive her last performance again and again. The area will also feature a wealth of other online content for fans, including links to special video footage, celebrity red carpet interviews, fan tributes, photos, and more, provided through a content arrangement with Qwest Digital Media (formerly Slingshot Networks).

“As entertainment on the Internet continues to reach new levels, consumers are the real winners,” said Jonathan Sacks, senior vice president and general manager of the AOL Service. “Through the power of the online medium, AOL is offering Ms. Streisand’s fans around the globe an incredible opportunity to participate in one of the hottest entertainment events of the decade.”

Rarely performing in public since the mid-60’s, Streisand historically has dedicated most of her creative time to her recording career, to her work as a director, producer and actress in motion pictures and recently, to her Barwood Films slate of issue-oriented motion pictures and documentaries for television.

Prior to her 1993-94 pair of New Years concerts at the MGM Grand Garden, she has gone nearly three decades without performing for pay in public. Demonstrating the incredible demand for such performances, tickets to Streisand’s final concerts, which cost $125-$2,500, sold-out in 20 minutes.

Expect her next farewell concert to cost more…what with the price of oil going up.

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