Apple Mac Mini Gets a Big Update

It was the news people expected at Worldwide Developer Conference last week, but it’s happened none the less. Apple has updated its Mac mini, the tiny Macintosh not much bigger than a stack of CD jewel cases, to give it some computing horsepower that puts it on par with the MacBook. Small Business Computing has all the specs.

There are times when Apple does things with great aplomb, such as the last week’s grand debut of the iPhone. Then there are times like today, when it introduced a new Mac mini with little more than a press release. (Apple spells mini with a lowercase m).

That doesn’t diminish the mini, which is barely bigger than a CD-ROM drive. Judging by the changes, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) put quite an effort into redesigning its smallest and lowest-cost computer. It shares an all-aluminum unibody enclosure similar to Apple’s MacBooks while the internals have been upgraded to bring its performance in line with the laptop product line as well.

Read the full story at Small Business Computing:

Apple Updates Mac Mini, Inside and Out

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