Apple to Start Taking iPad Preorders This Week?

Here go the rumors. Apple promised its new iPad tablet would be available within 60 days of launch, and now that we are approaching the halfway mark, a blog claims that the company will start taking pre-orders soon. Datamation has that and more.

The rumor mill is starting to grind again around the iPad, this time with talk that Apple will begin taking preorders for the new tablet as early as this week. Given Apple’s promised delivery time of 60 days from its original announcement of the device, the proposed dates fit. Whether they turns out to be true is another matter.

AppAdvice, a blog dedicated to all things related to the App Store, was first to post the rumor, citing a “reliable source.” The blog said preorders will be taken as soon as this Thursday, Feb. 25.

Apple (NASDAAQ: AAPL) will be only take preorders in the U.S. and only for the Wi-Fi version, according to the report. The iPad is slated to ship in Wi-Fi-only and Wi-FI/3G versions, with the 3G-enabled version costing $120 more. The iPad price starts at $499 and goes up depending on the amount of storage capacity and whether the customer buys a 3G option or not.

The site also speculates on the possibility of a March 29 ship date, based on Apple’s promise to ship within 60 days of the device’s original unveiling. Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the device on January 27, but March 27 is a weekend date and new products are rarely if ever introduced to market on a weekend. March 29, then, seems more likely as a Monday.

Read the full story at Datamation:

iPad Preorders Starting This Week?

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