ARTS Accepts XML Standard for Digital Receipts

The Association for Retail Technology
(ARTS) of the National Retail Federation formally
accepted a proposed XML-based standard for delivering receipts over the

Designed to bring proof of purchase to consumers’ PCs, the new Digital
Receipt is a product of the Digital Receipt Alliance, which was formed and
led by NCR Corp. Other founding members of the alliance include America
Online, Microsoft; Office Depot; ValiCert Inc. (formerly known as; RCS and VeriFone., the trade association of online
retailers, has agreed to review the proposed standard.

“ARTS supports the Digital Receipt Alliance, and believes that this
collaborative approach is neutral and in the best interest of the retail
community,” said Richard Mader, executive director of ARTS.

“Similarly, ARTS
believes that a standard electronic receipt will be great for e-commerce and
may be the best choice for some consumers making
in store purchases.”

The receipt is an Internet version of traditional paper receipts, and can be
delivered via e-mail or to a Web site database. Deliverable for both in-
store and online purchases, Digital Receipts can also allow purchase data to
be downloaded into personal finance, tax or accounting applications.

The Digital Receipt technology, according to ARTS, also can:

  • provide a “one-to-one” marketing communications medium that can be
    customized for the recipient
  • be used as an opt-in tool (i.e. the consumer chooses to participate
    voluntarily and selects the information to be delivered from the retailer)
  • be used to deliver promotions and offers
  • send a link to an Internet application along with the receipt to automate
    manual tasks such as rebates, warranty registrations, etc

Small businesses also will benefit from the availability of a Digital
Receipt, ARTS said. Most small business transactions are similar to a
consumer transaction where the owner or a key employee records the purchase
in a checkbook and files the receipt.

With the
availability of the Digital Receipt, the small business owner can receive the
proof of purchase data via e-mail or by downloading from a Web site and
import the transactions directly into small business accounting and tax

The latest proposed standards document and white papers published by the
members of the Digital Receipt Alliance are available here.

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