Atlantic Records Licenses CDK Technology

Technology Horizons Corp. said its subsidiary, CDKnet LLC, has licensed its CDK technology
to Atlantic Recording Corp.

The agreement provides that CDKnet will develop Atlantic’s audio and video content using its proprietary technology, links to Web sites determined by Atlantic and a link to the company’s MetrotainmentWeb site. The agreement
also provides that Atlantic will include a reference to the use of the CDK
technology in trade advertisements.

The first release to be created under the agreement will be the single “A
Random Act of Senseless Kindness” by South SixtyFive, one of Atlantic’s new
groups. Financial details were not disclosed.

“We believe that the Atlantic agreement represents another important measure
of acceptance of CDK technology for the linking of music, videos and the Web
on CDs,” said Ron Leong, the CEO of CDKnet. “We are very positive about the prospects for further releases with Atlantic and other major labels. Many of
the independent record labels have discovered the benefits of using CDK
technology for enhancing the value of their entertainment releases with the
addition of video and Web links.”

“We believe that these new developments will assist the company in developing
the site as a source of substantial advertising partnerships as the site
becomes a major portal to the Internet,” Leong said. “The Metrotainment site
is a content rich, full-featured entertainment site which CDKnet is building
to provide Web surfers with a complete entertainment experience. The site
features video “stream screen” capability that will provide broadcast quality
audio and video along with arcade games.”

The site recently added the CDExpress online music shopping venue, expected to go live within 60 days.

CDKnet has licensing agreements with Citibank, Sony Music, MCI, The New York
Yankees, Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks), Trimark Home Video, Weight
Watchers, MTV Networks, EMI-Capitol Entertainment Properties ( E-Prop), Wind-
Up Entertainment, King Biscuit, MegaForce Records and J-Bird Records, Mutiny
Records and Ignition Records.

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