Atreve Software Incorporates RSA Encryption

RSA Data Security Inc. announced
that Atreve Software has incorporated RSA’s
encryption technology in Atreve’s Web management product, WebSpective.

With RSA’s technology, WebSpective enables customers to manage multiuser,
high-volume Web applications using secure SSL-encrypted connections between
its management system and multiple Web servers. Financial terms of the
arrangement were not disclosed.

Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, is an industry-standard protocol that allows the
browser and server ends of a Web session to authenticate one another and to
secure the information that subsequently flows between the two.

RSA’s BSAFE encryption engine is being used to provide SSL support in
the Interceptor portion of Atreve’s WebSpective.

“This technology partnership with RSA means that our WebSpective solution
can now manage secure Internet connections that are supported by a standard
such as SSL, a critical requirement for our customers doing serious online
business,” said Glenn House, president and CEO of Atreve.

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