AT&T Takes a Giant Step into Electronic Billing

Taking a giant step into the electronic billing arena, AT&T (NYSE: T) said its 60 million residential
long-distance customers can now view and pay their long-distance phone bills
online at more than 150 Web sites in CheckFree’s EBP network.

“The momentum that AT&T can bring to electronic billing and payment is
tremendous because today they are among the largest issuers of paper bills in
the United States,” said Tom Stampiglia, president of CheckFree Software

Financial arrangements with CheckFree were not disclosed.

“AT&T is committed to delivering to our customers all of the advantages the
Internet has to offer,” said Michael Tempora, vice president for AT&T Billing
Services and Solutions.

“Electronic billing and payment offers customers
tremendous convenience and interactivity that they can’t get in any other
medium,” he said.

“Our arrangement with CheckFree brings our residential customers
the benefit of being able to view and pay their AT&T
long distance bill along with any of their other bills which they have
enrolled for electronic billing and payment, all at a single Web site.”

AT&T residential long-distance customers will be able to view and pay their
monthly long-distance phone bills at more than 150 financial services Web
sites offering the CheckFree electronic billing and payment service including
Yahoo! and the U.S, Postal Service) , as
well as via Intuit’s Quicken personal financial management software.

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