Auction Browser Tracks eBay Deals

A software company has developed a browser specifically for those with
eBay auction fever.

ZCurve Software this week introduced its Auction Browser, a full-featured browser designed around the popular Internet Explorer model.

Features include Auction Tracker, which automatically updates information on auctions that a users selects, as well as alarms to alert the user of closing times, color coding options and the Auction Archive, where users can store information about previous auctions.

“There are millions of items on eBay every day and a regular browser doesn’t provide enough help with auctions starting and ending at all times of the day,” said Bob Hays, president of ZCurve Software. “The Auction Browser and Tracker makes it easy to keep track of auction items that you are interested in.”

The Auction Browser is made to run on PC machines only, designed for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems. It’s priced at $19.95, with a demo version available for free download at the vendor’s Web site.

Although the browser was created specifically for eBay users, there was no word on whether the two firms will team up to offer the browser through eBay.

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