Audible, Speak Out

NEW YORK — Audible Tuesday agreed to offer its spoken audio content to Inc.

Due to begin in March, the educational portal will provide a link on its search results pages to entice audiophiles to download to suit their needs.

The firms believe the deal will be beneficial over time, as Audible’s offerings will readily pop up on search pages.

Foy Sperring, vice president and general manager at Audible, hinted in a press statement that is aiming for bookish-inclined individuals, or those that want to satisfy their “intellectual curiosity.”

Audible, which enjoys a similar but more expansive deal with king e-tailer, also fashions the players listeners need to enjoy the company’s content.

Those who don’t want to use pocket PCs by Casio or Compaq may opt to use Audible’s Digisette Duo-Aria, a plug-inless player users can enjoy on the road.

In a somber market Audible has reason to breathe easier, perhaps even smile. The firm received $10 million from Microsoft Corp. less than two weeks ago and both firms have indicated the additional alliances are on the horizon.

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