B2B Marketplace Launched for Used Computer Gear

PowerSource Online Inc. is
teaming up with more than 1,500 computer distributors, dealers, resellers and
service companies to launch a new marketplace for buyers and sellers of
surplus, obsolete, used, secondary and hard-to-find computer gear.

The company said it is moving to the Web a business-to-business trading
exchange with real-world offices in California, New Jersey and Paris that
lists more than $3 billion in secondary parts inventories from over 250

The new Web-based marketplace migrates a customer base that includes
companies such as Compaq, Decision One, Entex, GE Capital, Getronics, IBM,
Inacom, Lockheed Martin, NCR and Unisys.

“PowerSourceOnline.com is the alternative to scouring out-of-date ads for
parts and systems,” said Thomas Peck, president of the company. “It’s far
more efficient than a flurry of calls, blast faxes and email messages to find
the 10 companies that might stock the part you need at the price you’re
willing to pay. Everything needed to work smarter and faster is now online.”

PowerSourceOnline.com features PowerAuction, where computer dealers,
resellers and service companies offer parts, systems and peripherals for sale
to buyers that submit
competing bids. The pre-launch pilot of PowerAuction in February generated
$3.2 million in bids on over 350 auctions, the company said.

In May, the company expects to begin testing PowerBid, enabling customers to
receive real-time pricing and availability by requesting live bids from
qualified, selected

PowerSourceOnline has also launched a third Web service, PowerWeb, an
e-commerce marketing tool that supplies distributors and resellers with a
powerful parts search engine and customized Web page that enables their
customers to search their Web site by part number or product description,
then order online.

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