BarbaBatch Simplifies MP3 Creation

BarbaBatch 3.0, released Friday, adds support for Real Audio G2, MP3 and
QuickTime 4.0. Newly-upgraded by Netherlands based
Audio Ease and distributed by Escondido, Calif.-based MacSourcery,
BarbaBatch 3.0 allows fast conversion of music to the popular MP3 format.

BarbaBatch is a professional quality audio conversion tool, and can convert thousands of sound files in a single batch. Capabilities include file format conversions between 30+ file types, dynamics processing, compression and gating, sample-rate conversion and word-length reduction. BarbaBatch is also
AppleScriptable and can convert Audio CD Tracks directly from a CD-ROM drive.

All conversions maintain the highest possible fidelity.

BarbaBatch is particularly useful for the desktop musician or producer who
works with large numbers of audio files and needs a single step to convert
them to a number of different formats. Version 3.0 can process audio content
stored in virtually any format including CD audio, QuickTime, Real Audio,
MPEG, Sound Designer, AIFF, AIFCIMA, WAVE, NeXT/SUN and VOX.

A demo version of BarbaBatch 3.0 is available from MacSourcery.
BarbaBatch 3.0 is priced at $395, upgrades from version 2.4 and higher are free; upgrades from earlier versions are $99 and are available
from MacSourcery or Audio Ease.

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