and Form Trading Alliance

Internet “currency” site operators and formed an alliance so that beenz
users can now exchange beenz for Flooz.

beenz account holders will be able to convert their beenz to Flooz gift
dollars at the beenz site, thus enabling beenz holders to shop at more than
50 online stores that accept Flooz as payment.

“It makes complete sense for consumers to spend their beenz on Flooz,” said
Philip Letts, chairman and CEO of “This deal should send a message
to the world that and are business partners, not

beenz is a Web “currency” that consumers earn by visiting, interacting with,
or shopping at participating Web sites.

Consumers can then spend their beenz
on DVDs, sporting goods, vacations, books, downloadable music, clothing, gift
certificates and other products and services at participating traders. beenz traders include, The Motley Fool, Excite UK, SpeedyClick and VNUNet.

Consumers purchase Flooz with a credit card, and then instantly send it by
e-mail to a friend, family member or business associate. Recipients can spend
their Flooz gift dollars right away at various Web stores, or keep it in
reserve in their personal Flooz account. has signed more than eighty online merchants to accept Flooz as a
form of payment, including Godiva Chocolatier,,, Eastern Mountain Sports,, Mrs. Fields Cookies, and Pebble Beach Golf Shop,,,, and

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