Launches Co-op Community for Small Businesses, an online community of
independent businesses, launched Co-op, which allows small
businesses to pool their purchasing power on the Internet.

Members get discounts and cash back on business-related merchandise and
services. The Co-op is part of a suite of free Web services
offered to small businesses. (formerly said it now has 30,000 members with
more than 175,000 projected for year-end 1999. It offers its members
professional Web sites and Internet services such as e-mail, customer list
management, outbound fax and site promotion at no charge. Co-op is initially offering cash back and discounts for members
on long distance phone service from Qwest for 6.9 cents per minute, books and
CDs, office supplies, computer hardware and software, Web design services,
site promotion services and cellular phones.

The Co-op plans to also offer pagers, calling cards, audio/video
conferencing, financial services, leases, loans, credit cards, lines of
credit, debt collection, insurance, Internet access, utilities, research
reports, credit reports, travel, executive search, payroll services, and

In addition to sales of business-related products and services to its members
in the
Co-op, derives its revenues from advertising and by providing
low-cost premium services to enhance its basic free Web hosting and
e-commerce offerings.

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