Bob Eubanks Plans Portal for Newlyweds

The Olson Group and USWeb/CKS were selected by Newlywed gameshow
host Bob Eubanks and business partner Larry Donizetti to help create a
lifestyle Internet portal for newlywed couples.

The lifestyle portal is the brainchild of Eubanks, the well-known newlywed
expert and host of TV’s Newlywed Game for more than 25 years. Eubanks will be
an active participant in site content, vision and promotion. Donizetti, a
long-time business partner of Eubanks, will serve as the company’s CEO.

“The Internet is an accessible, powerful forum for sharing the insights,
ideas, and interests of the 2.5 million couples who marry each year,” Eubanks
said. “I’ve always wanted to get all the newlyweds in one big room to talk to
each other and to experts about merging their lifestyles. Thanks to the Web,
now I can.”

The site’s focus will be on building a community for this unique target
group. Online services will include resources for life planning, lifestyles
and e-commerce purchases.

USWeb/CKS works with clients to define strategies and implement innovative
ways to build their Internet businesses. The Olson Group is a full-service
marketing and design company in print, electronic and Internet media.

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