Launches User-Created Store

Teen site has launched an e-commerce model in
which its new Bolt Store will sell merchandise
determined solely by its audience of three million teens.

The Bolt Store will open with more than 1,000 products available, including
teen-requested products such as skateboards, inline skates, guys and girls
clothes, outerwear, watches, hats, cosmetics, jewelry, CD wallets and
electronic goods.

“Our mission is to empower teenagers,” said Dan Pelson, CEO of
“Millions of teens use to share their opinions on everything they
care about. Now this community will determine what products they want to buy
and help each other make buying decisions.”

The Bolt Store will not inventory the products sold, eliminating traditional
retail overhead costs and giving it the flexibility to add or remove items
according to customer demand, the company said.

Shoppers at The Bolt Store will be able to chat with live customer service
reps via PeopleSupport, which has reps in touch with teen market who will offer advice on

A special feature, The Bolt Pulse, will offer updates on the hour of the
“Last Ten Items Sold” and “Top Ten Items Sold” in each category.

Bolt provides 15 – 20 year old users with services including free e-mail,
homepages, music videos, audio chat, digital calendars and diaries.

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