BT, Sony Mulling Tablet PCs

Apple’s iPad has captured the imagination of some of the largest companies in tech, many of which are now in various stages of developing their own versions of a tablet computer.

One is in the works from British Telecom, whose CEO, Ian Livingston, described to a London paper his vision of a tablet device that would also support telephony using a Bluetooth headset.

Meanwhile, a senior executive at Sony has hinted that the company is mulling its own tablet, though the consumer electronics titan appears to still be on the fence about the potential of the market. Enterprise Mobile Today has the details.

The latest names to look at the tablet PC market are Sony and British Telecom, following the lead of the Apple iPad despite some recent, high-profile retreats from the space by other technology giants.

British Telecom’s CEO Ian Livingston told the London Daily Mail that his company is looking to release a tablet oriented around communications that would be a cross between “a mini PC” and “the telephone of the future.”

It would have a built-in cell phone, something Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPad does not have. The BT tablet would allow users to communicate either through a Bluetooth headset or a built-in speaker and will be centered around e-mail, Web browsing and text messaging capabilities.

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British Telecom, Sony May Be Latest in the Mobile Computing Tablet Fray

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