Buffalo Debuts ‘Thinnest External Hard Drive’

Apple’s iPod, which can double as a drive in a pinch, is a slim, gigabyte-packing device. Why then are most external drives the gadget equivalent of mini monoliths?

Buffalo Technology heard the calls for added portability and have come up with the MiniStation Shinobi, claiming the “world’s thinnest external hard drive” crown.

Available in 30GB and 60GB capacities, the stealthy MiniStation Shinobi (bonus points for appealing to fans of the video game ninjas) is a slight 0.2 inches thick (5 millimeters) and weighs 2 ounces. But there’s more to the drive than just its pocketable dimensions.

To make the most of its portability, Buffalo Technology has bundled the Shinobi with a handful of mobile applications. As has become all the rage with USB flash drives, the device includes mobile versions Firefox and Thunderbird for on-the-go Web productivity and communications. Security is provided by the company’s SecureLockMobile software, which blocks unauthorized access attempts.

Memeo’s AutoBackup and AutoSync software are also included for backup duty. According to the company, those backups and file transfers get a 20 percent speed boost with TurboUSB.

Buffalo Technology’s MiniStation Shinobi goes on sale in October. The 30GB model (HD-PT30U2) carries a price of $119.99 while the 60GB version (HD-PT60U2) offers twice the capacity for $50 more ($169.99).

Article courtesy of Enterprise IT Planet

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