Buy.Com Launches Surplus Goods Channel

Buy.Com, an Internet retailer and e-commerce
portal site, launched a new online surplus store.

BuySurplus.Com, the seventh Buy.Com
specialty store, offers a variety of brand-name home electronics and
merchandise. The site includes a home electronics store, featuring surplus
television sets, VCRs, stereos, and other products, and a Computer Surplus
Store, featuring computer systems, notebooks, monitors and other

Additional surplus stores will be added to the site as more varieties of
products are acquired, the company said.

The new store will serve as an online outlet for surplus, overstocked,
liquidated, and manufacturer refurbished home electronics and computer

To gain access to a large supply of surplus products, Buy.Com said it has
entered into a relationship with Nashville Computer Liquidators (NCL), an
alternate channel vendor of computer equipment. NCL will fulfill all
orders directly to the customer.

Buy.Com’s main site offers access to stores specializing in the sale of
computers and equipment, videos, books, software, games and music.

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