C/Base Delivers Pre-Paid Personal Spending Technology

E-commerce technology company C/Base said it has developed a new Web
technology that “combines the convenience and manageability of credit cards
with the freedom and privacy of cash.”

Called ecount, the new technology sets the
stage for Webwide personal spending accounts that can be used with all
merchants and all users on the Internet, the company said.

Using established financial services and Web infrastructures, ecount enables
Internet users to conduct secure online transactions through pre-paid
personal Web accounts.

The patent-pending ecount technology facilitates both
person-to-person and
person-to-merchant transactions.

Transaction products powered by ecount enable users to complete online
purchases at any merchant and transfer funds instantly to any online
individual with privacy and security.

Because ecount technology requires no
special software, downloads, or education, it works seamlessly with every
online merchant and every online individual, the company said.

One of the first site users is C/Base’s Webcertificate.com, the gift
certificate operation.

“Ecount technology effectively converts the Internet into a truly open
market place,” said Matt Gillin, chief executive officer of C/Base.

“Until now, consumers needed
a credit card to participate in e-commerce. Now, all Internet users,
regardless of age or credit status, can exchange monetary value online with
merchants and each other with total flexibility and ease.”

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