Certicom Delivers Next-Generation Security Solutions

Certicom Corp. rolled out
the Certicom Secure line of next-generation Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
products and services.

The products provide high-speed ECC for a range of computing environments and
platforms, including servers, desktop PCs, and connected information
and offer advanced security technology for mobile computing and communications
and electronic commerce solutions, the company said.

San Mateo, CA-based Certicom also announced expanded customer support
services for cryptographic consulting and the custom adaptation and
optimization of Certicom Secure embedded systems products to specialized
computing environments and platforms.

The new products expand on Certicom’s previous line of ECC offerings, first
made available in March 1997. Most of the new products will be available in 90

The Certicom Secure line of products includes four primary offerings: Security
Builder 2.0, a software development kit for implementing security in software
applications; cryptographic plug-ins for industry standard cryptographic
frameworks from Intel/OpenGroup and Microsoft, as well as plug-ins supporting
Java and PKCS-11; embedded systems for popular small-device processors such as
the Motorola 6805, Intel 8051, and ARM; and Certicom’s integrated circuit
designs that deliver ECC technology in silicon.

Initial customers include Motorola, 3Com/Palm Computing, VeriFone, Diebold,
Pitney Bowes, and Sterling Commerce, among others.

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