Chinese E-Commerce Site Offers One-Hour Delivery (it means eCountry in the English
translation), a Chinese e-commerce company, said it has launched a one-hour
delivery service in Beijing.

The service will enable Chinese consumers to purchase a variety of products
from the Web site and have them delivered directly to their home or
businesses within one hour.

Currently, the site offers 17 lines of consumer
products including CDs, books,
electronics, software, toys, games, groceries, drugstore and convenience
items, and entertainment products.

The company said its distribution network operates on a hub-and- spoke model,
with one centralized hub in Beijing and several strategically located spoke
stations. The proprietary inventory management and delivery systems will be
duplicated in Shanghai and Guangzhou as the company expands, executives said.

In March 2000, said it had 130,000 registered users and is expanding
at the rate of 20 percent per month. The Web site has over 5,500 registered

“We are very encouraged by the tremendously positive response to the “eGuo
1-hour” service” said YQ Zhang, chief executive officer of parent company eNet China.

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