Cisco Adds Security Services to Storage Network

Cisco is continuing with its unified strategy of putting computing, storage and networking all on the same fiber. In this case, it has a new line card that adds a variety of services like encryption to storage systems. Enterprise Storage Forum has all the details.

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) is boosting its storage networking offerings with a new module that delivers I/O acceleration, secure data erasure, encryption, data migration, and SAN extension over FCIP.

The new Storage Services Node is a 16-port line card that supports as many as four storage services simultaneously. Along with a new data migration appliance, Cisco said the offerings are part of the company’s vision for Services-oriented SAN fabrics, or SOS for short.

The I/O acceleration and secure erasure services are new, while the rest of the services have been added to the module to save slots on the Cisco MDS 9000 Fibre Channel director chassis.

I/O Accelerator boosts performance and reduces the bandwidth cost of backup and replication solutions over MANs and WANs. Bob Nusbaum, Cisco’s product line manager for storage solutions, said one financial services customer reduced its backup window by nearly 90 percent using the technology.

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Cisco Adds Services to Storage Networking

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