Cisco Talks Up ‘Evidence’ in Datacenter Win

Cisco has a big win to crow about as it goes head-to-head with some of the biggest names in the datacenter space — it’s landed a deal to provide the infrastructure behind Taser’s new cloud service. ServerWatch has the story.

One of Cisco’s biggest initiatives this year was the rollout of its Project California — now known as the Unified Computing System (UCS) and the means by which the networking giant aims to stake out a larger share of the enterprise datacenter.

It was an ambitious move: The UCS system combines servers with virtualization software and networking hardware, and it put Cisco into direct competition with server vendors like HP, IBM and Dell.

Early on, some questioned whether Cisco could effectively compete against such established, big names. Last week, Cisco revealed a new proof point — or “Evidence,” perhaps? — that UCS is being adopted. That’s by way of the new software-as-a-service play launched by law enforcement tech player Taser.

Read the full story at ServerWatch:

Cisco’s UCS Gives Law Enforcement a Boost

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