CyberSource Debuts Version 4.0 of Internet Fraud Screen

CyberSource Corp. delivered an update
to its Internet risk management service, CyberSource Internet Fraud Screen
enhanced by Visa.

Version 4.0 features new customer service tools and performance enhancements
that help online merchants speed order conversion and risk score calculation,
the company said.

Fraudulent transactions currently range from four to 25 percent of total
online transactions, CyberSource said.

Internet Fraud Screen V4.0 “forms the
foundation from which CyberSource will develop and deploy future fraud models
and new risk management services as the need for secure e-commerce continues
to evolve,” the company said.

Internet Fraud Screen V4.0 has been re-architected and now conducts 150 tests
to analyze the risks associated with an online transaction, and returns a risk “score”
to the merchant — the higher the score, the greater the risk.

CyberSource said its new Risk Profile codes are an augmentation to the
CyberSource scoring process.

The Risk Profile Codes consist of three distinct reply fields: Local Time,
Host Severity and Factors. Local time calculates the consumer’s local time at
the time of order and a predictive attribute.

Host Severity represents the risk associated with a consumer’s e-mail domain. The Factors field provides
merchants with the test categories that the particular order failed. Typical
test categories may include: suspicious address information, extensive
address or name changes, nonsensical input, etc.

These fields will be provided
for both accepted and declined transactions to maximize a merchant’s ability
to fine-tune the model.

Database improvements also have been made which can speed response time to
Internet merchants up to 40 percent — enabling most risk scores to be calculated in
one second.

The CyberSource Internet Commerce Suite offers merchant-controlled, real-time
services including payment services, tax services, risk management services,
distribution control services, and fulfillment management services.

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