Dell Joins the All-in-One PC Parade

Dell Studio One 19

Dell Studio One 19

Source: Dell

Desktop PC sales may have sputtered, but don’t tell that to Dell. The company has introduced an all-in-one PC called Studio One 19, although Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) will be the first to say it’s really in a different category than standard tower PCs and desktops.

The Studio One 19 ($699) comes with a contoured look and features a number of colored fabrics, making it look more fitting for a living room than a flat beige box and screen. Some models do require a wire for the keyboard and mouse, but higher-end models do not, so the only wire needed is to the power outlet.

So don’t call it a “desktop.” The Studio One 19 is supposed to go in the kitchen living room, said John New, senior product manager in Dell’s product marketing group. “We see an opportunity as people become more computer literate and computers become more a part of the family’s day to day life, the more important it becomes to have them in the space where the family spends their time,” he told

It also meant taking a new design approach with the Studio One 19. Dell’s first all-in-one, the XPS One, had a harder, sharper look to it, what New called a “more masculine design.” Dell found that women were the more common customers of all-in-ones, so the Studio One 19 was given a rounder look with fabric colors that more easily match to home décors.

Several multi-touch applications

In addition to the hardware, the Studio One 19 features a number of applications that utilize its multi-touch screen. This includes multi-touch photo editing, slideshow creation, music playlist compilation, notes, and Web browsing. Users can record videos and upload them to YouTube with one touch, or drive the family mad with the software drum kit emulator.

The touch screen capabilities will be ideal for Windows 7, which has been designed with touch screen support, and New said Dell will announce support for Windows 7 when it’s available. But because it’s not out, he declined to discuss the forthcoming OS any further.

New said that all-in-one systems are enjoying a resurgence, what with the recent update to the iMac line and HP’s TouchSmart system. TriGem USA is the latest entry. The company just announced its own all-in-one, the $599 Averatec D1133, but it does not have touch screen support.

New thinks Dell has found a good spot in the middle. “You have these systems that are fairly rich configurations, but in a lot of cases those are fairly expensive systems,” he said.

“At the other end of the spectrum you have net top systems, which are Atom-based. We’re offering a full featured, full performance all-in-one at a compelling price point.”

The Studio One 19 is launching first in Japan. It will be available on March 19 in select Japan retail outlets. It will launch in many other countries, including the U.S., later this spring. Starting price for the Studio One 19 is $699.

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