Dell, Siemens Team on New Imaging PCs

In the IT sector, six-month manufacturing cycles for PCs are the norm. But in the health-care industry, where IT buyers crave continuity and stability, that state of flux is less than desirable.

Enter Dell and Siemens, which are offering the new Precision T5500 Long-Life workstations, a line of imaging systems whose configurations hold steady for three years, ensuring that Siemens’ ultrasound customers will enjoy a consistent platform and a steady supply of replacement parts. Datamation has the details.

In the IT world, the lifespan of the average PC has typically been, prior to the recession, about three years. Once a PC passed its third birthday, it was considered ready for replacement as it became more prone to breaking down, while PC vendors accelerated their obsolescence by making parts less available and more expensive.

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) and Siemens Healthcare Sector, one of the largest suppliers to the health-care industry, have partnered to offer Dell Precision T5500 Long-Life workstations to Siemens’ ultrasound system customers.

This will provide the medical industry with a PC configuration that will remain fixed for three years from the launch date. That lifespan is unusual in the industry, where configurations usually change every six months. It ensures that Siemens will have a consistent platform for three years and a ready supply of parts for several years after that.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Siemens and Dell Partner to Offer New Imaging PCs

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