Dell’s KACE Management Appliance Updated

IT managers face a bewildering array of systems and software to keep track of. It’s not a new problem, but one that’s been exacerbated by the growing number of hardware and software systems a typical enterprise needs to keep track of.

As Datamation reports, there are a range of products, some quite expensive, designed to track inventory and functions like configuration management and device discovery and monitoring. Dell’s latest offering targets the mid-level market.

Dell has released its first major update to the KACE K1000 Management Appliance, rolling out a set of features aimed at improving businesses configuration and aiding in the power management settings on both Window and Macintosh computers.

The KACE K1000, which Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) acquired last February, had been previously sold under the KBOX brand name. KBOX systems handle device discovery, system inventory, asset management, configuration management, power management and a number of other deployment and monitoring functions. They’re aimed at the mid-level market that can’t afford more expensive, higher-end products.

The primary focus is on simplicity of use, Marty Kacin, CTO and vice president of engineering for the K Line at Dell, said in a YouTube video released along with the new software.

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Dell Updates KACE Appliance Software Management

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