drkoop.com Forms Alliance With Drug Emporium

Health site drkoop.com Monday established an e-commerce
relationship with Drug Emporium, an online drugstore.

The agreement will allow drkoop.com users access to more than 20,000
discounted drug and healthcare products via DrugEmporium.com, while
simultaneously affording
DrugEmporium.com visitors access to drkoop.com’s content and tools.

drkoop.com is chaired by Dr. C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General and
recent Internet millionaire.

drkoop.com said it will implement contextual marketing product placements to
differentiate DrugEmporium.com products, while providing convenience and
choice to the visitor. For instance, visitors to the cold and flu area of
drkoop.com will be able to choose highlighted Drug Emporium cold and flu
products while in that content area.

drkoop.com users also will have access to Drug Emporium’s discounted
medications, vitamin and nutritional supplements, medical equipment and
health and beauty aids. Customers also will have the option of choosing
overnight delivery for orders received by midnight the previous day.

Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

drkoop.com’s content and information services will be integrated throughout
the DrugEmporium.com site.

The agreement calls for drkoop.com’s Drug Checker tool to be integrated into
every DrugEmporium.com purchase. A visitor’s entire order will be
automatically reviewed to warn the customers of any possible adverse drug
interactions. The Drug Checker feature will compare prescription medications,
over-the-counter drugs and food products for potentially harmful interactions.

“This alliance with Drug Emporium extends our mission to empower consumers,”
said Donald Hackett, president and chief executive officer of drkoop.com.

“This is the first of a limited number of strategic alliances that will
provide our visitors with a shopping experience that brings both competitive
prices and expanded choice.”

Integration of the sites is expected to be completed by August.

Drug Emporium also owns and operates 140 brick-and-mortar stores as Drug
Emporium, F&M Super Drug Stores and Vix Drug Stores.

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